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    1. Lexi Erickson Post author


      Thank you! I have also felt that it’s a form of flattery, but I absolutely love seeing the beautiful original designs that my students come up with that are just “inspired” by my work and what they’ve learned in my classes.

      I keep a journal that has photos of jewelry that I love, and draw inspiration from those designs. I also draw inspiration from things in nature…I take a LOT of photos with my iPhone for reference; my phone is always handy when I need design help.

      From the torch,

  1. Colleen Croniger

    Hi Lexi,
    I am looking for the source to buy your turntable soldering station. Hope all is well

  2. Lexi Erickson Post author

    Colleen, sorry for the delayed reply!

    The Solder Station will be re-released within the next couple of months…I’m working with a new manufacturer, and I’m excited that it will be introduced to a larger market.

    I’ll add your name to the list!


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